Take Your Brand To The Next Level

We consider creativity to be one of our core competencies. With one foot firmly planted in creativity and the other in the 'real' world of business and technology, Maddox Marketing Group is in a unique position to see beyond the obvious and offer a unique vision and perspective. Keeping up with the world of business and technology is what we do most of the time - in our spare time, on the job and in our everyday lives. The benefit to our clients is that we have a wide set of tools to choose from in order to bring a balanced solution to meet their digital marketing and online media goals and ROI objectives.

Digital Branding Strategy & Brand Development

Are your online efforts delivering amplified results? Is your site Google friendly? Is it converting visitors into buyers? Once a user connects with you, are they finding what they were searching for? Are you using social media to engage and build stronger relationships with your customers? If not, now is the time to integrate digital marketing and online media into your marketing mix and Maddox Marketing Group is the right partner to help you do it.

Partnering with Maddox Marketing Group in a full-service, digital branding relationship will allow you to efficiently and effectively integrate digital strategy, online advertising and PR, social media marketing and search engine marketing strategies into your marketing mix. Each initiative is driven by both your short and long term sales and marketing objectives. This assures that the digital marketing and online media tactics we employ, compliment your business plan and monetary goals in helping to achieve bottom line measureable results and a solid ROI.

A Full-Service Digital Branding Relationship Gives You Access To:

The Talent

Digital marketing and online media specialists who will masterfully develop the strategy, creative concepts, content platforms, coordinate campaign execution and implementation, necessary to achieve amplified results.

The Tools

A graphic design and digital media studio equipped with the latest technology, software, fonts, images, and production know-how.

The Connections

Access to a vast network of technology, software, programming and Web 2.0 resources that are needed to effectively and successfully execute and implement your marketing and media initiatives.

A Dedicated and Passionate Partner

An account director that will meet with you regularly to help you define your opportunity, outline strategic and tactical plans, and guide you through each phase of the process.

Our Services

Digital Branding

  • Online Branding Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Plan Development
  • Online Identity / Design / Messaging Standards
  • Optimized Website Development
  • Blog Development
  • Ad/Content Creation
  • Metrics Analysis / Reporting

Advertising & PR

  • Email Promotion
  • Ad Word / Pay-Per-Click
  • Ad Planning Placement
  • Optimized Public Relations
  • Blogging / Podcasts
  • Reputation Management
  • Media List Development
  • Surveys
  • Analytics Analysis / Reporting
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Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Business Fan Pages
  • Twitter Customization
  • Linked In Profile Creation
  • You Tube Channel Setup
  • Online Recruiting
  • Link Building
  • Community Management
  • Analytics Analysis / Reporting
  • Learn More...

Search Engine Marketing

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Landing Pages
  • Link Building
  • Analytics Analysis / Reporting
  • Learn More...