Our Process

A Well Defined and Flawlessly Executed Process = Amplified Results

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and that’s fine for a company whose focus is merely to blur the lines of competition. However, if you want to lead - you must innovate. Innovation is a process that defines how you will get from the starting gate to the finish line – leaving the competition in the dust. Maddox Marketing Group fosters innovation by guiding you through a process that brings creativity, business acumen and technology together as one.

Whether we are engaged in a full service digital branding relationship or support your specific online advertising/PR, social media or search engine marketing project needs, we employ the following process on our way to delivering amplified results.

Combining Innovation and Imagination


This critical first step of the process involves digging deeply into the core of your products/services, business plan, operating structure, sales process and most importantly your goals and objectives. The who, what, where, why and when are all brought to the surface as we start to unearth this core information. From here we are able to put a voice to your vision, values, mission and passion.


Asking questions, research, and analysis lay a solid foundation for moving forward. It makes the final deployment phase of any project targeted and efficient, so you get what you need—better and faster. We start with the strategy brief; the springboard into design process. This internal communication outlines the target market, the key messaging platform and the desired results. The strategy brief is something that we use to make sure that we are focused and on the same page.


With the plan foundation set, the design phase is where we dive into the heart of the process through conceptualization and general creativity. With a “no holds barred” philosophy, we explore a wide range of creative ideas and perspectives. We then test against our strategy. Would the target buy into it? Would they derive the message? Would they do what we want them to do? Once we are satisfied with a few different ways of approaching the challenge, we continue to hone them until they are ready for development.


This phase of the process is where all of the heavy lifting takes place. It is where we move from art to science. We now must bring your digital marketing and online media initiatives to life. We do this by employing our full production capabilities, technology, partner resources, development knowledge and experience. We are focused on the details so that the solutions we have worked so hard to get to this point are not lost in the translation.


You now start seeing the results of your investment and effort. We however, are not done. We keep working until each and every plan objective is met or exceeded. This takes ongoing monitoring, testing, evaluation, adjustment and evolution. The plan's tactical elements maybe developed and implemented but our commitment continues as we focus on tracking, analysis and adjustment, as well as continuing to make sure you are being seen, heard and that you are achieving an amplified return on your investment (ROI).

Analytics and Reporting

The Job Does Not End At Implementation

Whether working as your partner in a full service digital branding relationship or on individual online advertising, social media or search engine marketing projects, our job does not end with the development and implementation of your strategy or campaign. A key benefit afforded by the tools and tactics we employ is their ability to be tracked and analyzed in real-time. Because each component of your campaign impacts your bottom line, it is critical to consistently monitor and evaluate their performance. By tracking items such as keywords, ad views, click through and conversion rates, to following the path visitor’s take from a campaigns landing page to your website and then their journey through the site, we can evaluate performance and make adjustments.

By monitoring your campaigns we are able to collect and analyze these and many more ROI metrics:

• Real-Time Clicks (a click is counted when a visitor lands on your website
• Imported Clicks (click data from PPC engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!)
• Actual Ad Spending (which includes the PPC engine campaigns)
• Visitor Details
• Date and time of visits
• The URL of the website where the visitor originated (referring URL)
• Landing page activity

Tracking and analysis of your digital marketing and online media efforts allows us to draw key insights that are essential to the ongoing success of your plan and its ability to achieve amplified results.