How We Work

Maddox Marketing Group
Getting Started

We can be engaged in one of two ways. One, in a full service, ongoing Digital Branding agency relationship. The other is to support your specific online advertising/PR, social media or search engine marketing initiatives on a project to project basis.

Digital Branding Engagements

In consideration for the recommendations, development, overseeing of the execution, and implementation of your digital marketing strategy and plan, and for serving as full-time digital marketing and online media counsel to your organization, Maddox Marketing Group will charge a monthly fee for our services. Our rates and fees are competitive based on our position as a recognized leader in the digital marketing and online media field. The monthly agency services fee is based on the time that will be devoted to your account, our experience with similar clients and our industry knowledge and relationships. Monthly agency services fees typically range between $2,900 and $5,900 per month for full service digital branding relationships. At Maddox Marketing Group, we believe in delivering service beyond our clients’ expectations and have a 100% successful performance record.

Our engagements are for one-year terms. There is a 60-day cancellation clause with written notice after an initial three-month term for all of our one-year engagements. Costs not covered, including but not limited to outside programming, application development, hosting fees, digital artwork production, media time and space, outside printing, mailing services, fulfillment house fees, travel and any other hard dollar or outside expenses incurred on your behalf will be invoiced to you. No expenditure will be incurred on your behalf without your prior approval. At Maddox Marketing Group, we endeavor to keep our client’s expenses to a minimum.

Project Engagements

We can also be engaged on a project-to-project or specific need basis. Whether you are stepping into the water with a new strategy or tactic for the first time or just need to breathe new life into one that is not performing as it should, we will work with you to turn up the volume and achieve amplified results. Each, or a combination of the strategies and tactics we employ in servicing our full service Digital Branding relationships are available on a project basis. We have provided a listing of typical projects for which we are engaged with starting price points to help you with your budgeting and decision making. Final pricing will depend on the size and scope of your project.

Online Advertising & PR

Company/Organization Blog - $1,920 / $590 mo.
Use a company blog as a content management system and a searchable archive of your written articles. Blog template will include company logo in the header graphic, standard widget installations and implementation training.
Press Release Development/Distribution - $990
Newsletter Email Template/Distribution - $1,590
Promotional/Blast Email Template/Distribution - $900
We would also be glad to support your other online advertising and PR needs. Please call us for a quote and to discuss your specific need.
• Banner Ads
• Surveys
• Podcasts
• Presentations
• Feature Articles
• QR Code Campaigns
• Reputation Management
• Mobile Marketing
• App Development
• And More...

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Business Fan Page - $990 / $290 mo.
Take advantage of Facebook’s full marketing potential with a “Fan Page”. We will provide competitive analysis, keyword/search term research, account/page setup, design of main page graphics, and creation of a custom welcome page. We will also develop tabs and forms, subscription pages, multimedia (photo/video/audio) and install Google Analytics.

Twitter Customization - $515 / $150 mo.
We will establish your brand on Twitter and customize your presence with a branded 73 x 73 icon from your company logo, creation of a custom background for your homepage and training and support as needed.

LinkedIn Business Profile Creation - $690 / $290 mo.
We will create your business profile in the Companies section of LinkedIn. We will also develop a company overview, careers section, products and services section and other content that is relevant to your LinkedIn strategy and plan.

In addition to these sites, there are many other social media and networking sites available. Your social media strategy and plan will take these into account. We will develop your presence and make sure that you are connected and being heard in the right online communities and conversations. We will work with you in developing and supporting a complete, multifaceted business social media marketing program - $3,915 / $915 mo.


Our amplified search engine marketing services include keyword/search term research, page optimization for keywords, submission to major search engines and directories, ad word setup, google analytics installation and ongoing monitoring and reporting. We offer three levels of support for our SEM/SEO programs. The service levels vary based on the number of pages initially being optimized and the number of keywords being developed, tracked and reported.

Amplified SEM/SEO Program Service Levels

• Amplified I - $1,990 1st mo. / $590 per mo. After
- Optimization of 5 pages for 10 keywords

• Amplified II - $3,340 1st mo. / $775 per mo. After
- Optimization of 10 pages for 20 keywords

• Amplified III - $4,590 1st mo. / $990 per mo. After
- Optimization of 15 pages for 30 keywords

Larger SEO programs and ongoing SEM engagements will be quoted on an individual basis.