Be Seen

Get noticed - Make an impression - Get a response. Goals commonly sought when launching an advertising or PR campaign.

Traditional marketing, media and public relations tactics are no longer enough. Today there is a changing dynamic that requires marketer's to allow their customers and prospects to connect with them on their own terms. It requires execution of a whole new set of marketing strategies and tools to make sure you are visible and stand out from the crowd.

Online Advertising & Public Relations

However, despite having new ways to communicate and distribute your marketing message, the crowding of the marketing communications channels have left many scratching their head and wondering if they will ever be able to break through the clutter. By overlaying our innovative development process and tactics, we are able to help our clients overcome these challenges with online advertising and PR solutions that breakthrough the clutter and increase their revenue by increasing traffic and leads.

With an experience base of over 20 years developing and delivering both offline and online advertising and PR strategies and campaigns, we see ourselves as uniquely creative, responsive and cost-effective. At Maddox Marketing Group, we are committed to providing the right mix of online tools and techniques to make sure that our clients are achieving amplified results. Our core team: an eclectic mix of creative and hands-on developers, designers and writers – who are also your account team. No middlemen. This allows us to deliver first-in-class solutions at a rate and a pace that meets your needs, yielding the highest returns on your sales and marketing investment.

The following are some of the online advertising, optimized PR and content creation tactics that we develop and execute for our clients:

Main Services

Blog Marketing

Blogging has rapidly become an online phenomenon. It seems as if everyone is blogging. That is exactly why you need Maddox Marketing Group. Just like any form of marketing, a successful blog requires strategy and planning to help it breakthrough the clutter. Whether you are looking to create a buzz with an existing blog or you are new to the whole idea, let us help you join the conversation and become a thought leader in your industry category.  Blog marketing needs to be a key element of your digital marketing and online media plan. The benefits of adding a blog to your marketing mix include:

• The opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors by establishing yourself as the authority and leader in your industry.
• Ability to gain the trust and respect of customers and prospects.
• Gives your company credibility by putting a face and a personality to your business.
• A well maintained blog will keep your website fresh with new and relevant content.
• Readers who click on the links within the blog create potential sales or leads for your product or service.
• Helps you to increase your brand awareness among prospects who may not have been exposed to you through traditional methods.

With effective use of keywords and anchor text, blog marketing also benefits your SEO program through additional listings in search and valuable back links.

Email Marketing

Your email database is one of your company's most valuable assets. Communicating via email has rapidly taken over as the preferred method of business communication. Behind every great email marketing campaign is a strategy, including segmentation; personalization, focused messages, mobile programming, and CAN-SPAM Compliance.2. Effective implementation takes into account time of day, day of the week, A/B tests, messaging, offer testing and more. Maddox Marketing Group will help you develop your email marketing strategy, create offers and promotions, develop landing pages and deploy your campaigns. Our email technology allows us to deliver relevant, timely and personalized content based on behaviors and other pieces of information known about each recipient.

Email Marketing offers your organization these key benefits:
• Tracking – Track open rates, click throughs, forwards, conversion rates and more.
• Cost Effectiveness – Compared to traditional direct mail or telemarketing campaigns, email campaigns can be developed and executed at a fraction of the cost.
• Brand Recognition & Loyalty – Email allows you to establish customer relationships, acquire leads and new customers, and support your sales process by allowing you to more effectively cross sell and up sell.
• Education – Educate your customers on your product, its benefits, and what’s new at your company.

Optimized PR

Traditional press release distribution is quickly becoming ineffective and obsolete. Online media has taken the PR and media relations process to the next level by utilizing the Internet for distribution and connection with the media. At Maddox Marketing Group we have embraced this new process and are generating far reaching and very targeted distribution of our clients news and information.

The optimization techniques we use for creating searchable content on a website also apply to how we optimize a press release. We place the right amount of keyword-rich links, in the right place to gain the best exposure and ensure valuable optimization and back-links. By conducting thorough keyword research of the target audience and subject matter, we can select specific targeted keywords that will produce the greatest degree of volume with the fewest competitors yet will still make the most sense in the context of the release.

Press releases are then distributed to the top online premium media outlets. We can also submit to a variety of blog and podcast directories to generate additional linking opportunities and exposure.
Key Benefits to Optimized Press Releases
• Top listings in the news search engines
• Improved natural search results for particular keywords
• Increased web visibility
• Enhanced brand awareness
• Low-cost means for increasing exposure and web visibility
• Quality exposure to industry-specific editors
• Strong backlinks

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click advertising has proven to be a very affordable and effective way to get your business in front of people that are ready to buy. Online search has become the primary method for businesses to find resources, products and information and now to make purchases. PPC advertising allows you to capitalize on this new dynamic by putting your message right where the prospect is looking. Because you are not bound to any publishers except the ones that deliver the best results for you. We include the big 3 search engines, Google AdWords™, Yahoo!® and Bing™ as well as other specialty sites and directories that can target your campaign even more.

To manage PPC campaigns we utilize a series of tools that allow us to put your PPC ad on an extended network of search engines, specialty sites and directories We then optimize across those sites to maximize the performance of your campaign. With each campaign we strive to extend reach, maximize conversions and achieve a lower cost-per-click. We also monitor and optimize your campaign in real-time, shifting more of your advertising dollars to the keywords and sites that give you the most response and contacts. Each PPC campaign is developed with your specific marketing needs and goals at the foundation. We provide detailed reports with all the performance analytics so that you can monitor your campaign’s progress. This reporting will provide details on every click, visit, e-mail, download and completed response resulting from interaction with your ad.