Free Digital Marketing Overview Analysis

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are struggling with their online presence, often realizing that their intended message is not being seen or not being heard by the right audience. Clients are just not responding to your marketing efforts as they should and they are not getting the ROI that you are seeking. These businesses call on Maddox Marketing Group when they are at a loss as to how to integrate digital marketing and online media into their marketing mix.

To get you started, we will conduct an overview analysis of your current online and offline marketing efforts. This overview analysis will focus on providing a snapshot of your websites performance and usability.

The kind of data we are looking at:
• How visitors currently find your website?
• What kind of information are they looking for?
• How easy is it for them to reach their goals or complete their tasks?
• How clear the website content is?
• How intuitive are the site’s section labels?
• How easy is it for visitors to navigate the website?

This overview analysis will give you a good look at where your digital marketing and online media efforts stand and support you in your planning and budgeting to begin integrating new digital tools and techniques into your marketing mix.

To get started simply complete the request form below or give us a call at 800.949-5208.

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